Recommend a Friend

Disney Villa Vacation Recommend a Friend scheme

Disney Water Front Vacation VillaWe are frequently approached by friends of earlier guests who have enjoyed their vacations in our Florida vacation villa close to Disney to see if the “wonderful villa”  their friends used is available.

To encourage more of these recommendations we have decided to award a choice of payments to the guests who recommends our close to Disney Florida vacation villa to their friends.

This type of referral is brilliant for our new guests and ourselves. It means the earlier guests have enjoyed their Disney vacation villa so much that they know our vacation villa close to Disney can be recommended to their friends.

The advantage to us at Orlando vacation villa is we start with a new client who wishes to book with us and more importantly the new guest has even more assurances that they are going to the “wonderful Florida vacation villa”  their friends enjoyed so much.

How it works

We will pay the earlier guest either a cash payment of Ten pounds (£10.00 gbp) when the new guest completes all payments or allow Twenty pounds (£20.00 gbp) discount from the next vacation they take with us. The $usd or $cad equivalent will be paid where appropriate.

We have no restrictions on the number of payments we make to any earlier guest,  if it is one recommendation;  excellent!! however,  if it is twenty or more it is even better for all concerned.

Certain minor restrictions apply:-
we reserve the right not to accept any recommendation.
Payment will not be due if the earlier guest or party members are part of the new clients booking.

To make the “Recommend a Friend”  payment work please tell us at the time of your enquiry who recommended you to book with us and we will ask them how they wish our payment to be made. We would very much welcome the earlier guest contacting us to discuss the payment.