Disney Vacation Villa not Hotel

Close to Disney Villa Vacation rather than a hotel room !!

Why stay in a cramped hotel room when you can enjoy the luxury of our four bedrooms close to Disney villa vacation rental home with its private enclosed swimming pool overlooking the lake for the same or even less money ?

Our privately owned vacation villa is more comfortable,  enjoyable,   private,  secure and relaxing than any hotel room can be;  especially for Mom &  Dad !!

Upon arriving at a hotel you are allocated your rooms and frequently requiring more than one room.  The rooms may be overlooking the road or even garbage area;  you do not know which it is until you arrive.

Your impersonal high rise rooms may not even be next door to each other,  in fact on occasions they may not even be on the same floor or the same side of the hotel.

Complaining to the hotel staff and trying to reorganise the location of your rooms is not the best way to relax and enjoy your Orlando vacation.

When you book our close to Disney villa vacation rental home you know exactly the high standard you are about to experience.


Our Florida vacation villa offers more space,  comfort and facilities than you will find in any hotel room or suite.  Our Executive vacation villa close to Disney is frequently less expensive than an impersonal hotel room.

Imagine being able to allow your children to use the private enclosed pool while you relax in the comfortable villa or on the pool deck overlooking the lake with you and your family as the only guests enjoying its comforts.  You cannot easily relax in or around a busy hotel pool with children.  This enjoyment also applies at night time when the children are asleep in bed and Mom and Dad wish to use the pool themselves for their special moments.

The villa with its four bedrooms,  separate family room,  full kitchen, separate dining area and breakfast area and private enclosed pool overlooking the lake allows you the space you deserve on your holiday.

You have a full kitchen and if you decide to cook a meal or meals it is your choice,  you don’t have to eat out for every meal.  This is an advantage if you have any special meals requirements or simply you or others in your party wish to “eat at home”  or even arrange a home delivery or a take-away.  You are in charge;  you have the flexibility of being at home not in an impersonal set meals timed hotel.

Our Disney villa vacation holiday home is located in Eagle Pointe South,  which is one of Orlando’s finest residential and vacation villa locations.  It is 10 minutes to Disney and 5 minutes to the bustling 192 highway,  yet it is a quiet and relaxing area.

Guests visiting Disney or on a “retail therapy”  shopping day frequently return home at mid-day to relax and swim before returning to Disney or the shop’s again.

Allow yourself the luxury of staying in our close to Disney villa vacation holiday home  for that “special vacation”  you deserve and have promised yourself.